Wellness Center

Wellness Center Inquiry (02-04-2017 vs2)

Hello Health Conscious Friends in the Clarksville Area,

What if there was a place where you could go and partner with qualified health and wellness professionals who are committed to your health, wealth, success, and prosperity? Would it be nice to take charge of your health while enjoying the support of a physician who shares your desire to optimize your health while minimizing the dependence upon medications? Do you have friends who share your desire for optimal health and would like to take the health journey with them?

Look no further! Dr. Gregory Fryer and the staff at Medical Direct Care have been listening to our patients and other community members who have expressed a desire to participate in our Wellness Center. Many of you may not know, that Medical Direct Care has invested in creating a special place where the primary focus is YOU, YOUR health, and YOUR wellness efforts. Our desire is to offer a mixture of complementary classes, subscription educational series, Tai Chi for Busy Peopleā„¢ classes; 4 min Fitness Seminarsā„¢; a healthy heart dinner club, and a host of other classes that will focus upon the Total Health and Wellness objective of Medical Direct Care.

We would like to hear from you, the community. Please complete the attached questionnaire by clearly printing your contact information and let your voice be heard by selecting the items of greatest interest to you. If your desired health and wellness activity is not listed, please feel free to add it in the Other blank.

Thank you very much for your assistance in making the Medical Direct Care Health and Wellness Center a success in assisting you in obtaining and maintaining optimal health and wellness for life.


Erien W. Fryer MSW, M.Div., Certified Life Coach
Medical Direct Care Wellness Center Administrator