Tuesday Tai Chi Qi Gong Class

Going beyond the basics of the Introduction to Tai Chi Qi Gong to experience 60 mins of sit and/or stand Tai Chi Qi Gong that provides a total mind and body workout. The intimate community of health seekers is bound by movement and great music.  Our Tai Chi classes are open to anyone.  It comes with the wellness program plans but monthly access is available for wellness program graduates and non-wellness members for $70.00/month or $110/month for couples.  The monthly fee includes the monthly 2-hour Introduction to Tai Chi.

What is Tai Chi Qi Gong?

While sharing about the 4 min Fitness opportunities, I often received the following question: What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a form of martial art. There are several forms of this martial art that bear the name of the family that developed the means of protection. For example, there is the Wu, Chen, Yang, and Hao form to name a few. Each style has a series of distinct movements called forms that vary in length from short to long. A short form may last a few minutes while a long form may last an hour. The Yang style form is used in the 8-week Infinite Nine (9) moves in Tai Chi for Busy People.

Tai Chi Qi Gong Classes:

Tuesdays 3pm – 4pm & Saturdays 10am – 12pm
Individuals: $70/Month | Couples: $110/Month

Wellness Members Pricing: $15/Class or $60/Month

Saturday Class Only $30/class

Call to RSVP
tai chi classes

Benefits of Tai Chi Qi Gong Classes

Tai Chi has been proven to decrease stress and increase stamina, balance, and muscle strength, among other things. Though Tai Chi movements are slower than in most activities, the deliberate and meditative movements can stimulate the body in ways that are both healing and strengthening to the body. These include:

  • Improving balance and preventing falls
  • Enhance cognitive function
  • Strengthen muscles with minimal strain
  • Increase aerobic capacity and cardio functioning
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Practice mindfulness and awareness

Often likened to active meditation, Tai Chi provides integrative benefits addressing both the mind and body. Begin Tai Chi classes today at Medical Direct Care to see how it can change your health for the better!


“I started doing 4 Min Fitness (Intro to Tai Chi) two years ago 5-7x/week after attending the 4 Min Fitness Class. When I started, I had to do many of the moves seated with limited range of motion. I had very poor balance and could not stand on one leg.

I had a “freak” accident on my Inversion Table. Since it was not locked, it flipped, and I landed on my head. I experienced head and neck compression due to the jarring motion. I was not able to move.

I have no doubt that Tai Chi helped to loosen up my body so that I did not receive serious injuries. Not only do I have increased flexibility, I am able to do all the movements standing, have full range of motion in my shoulders, and I am able to stand on one leg with ease. I have been given the Infinite Nine video and I am increasing my skills in Tai Chi even more.”

P. Gonzalez

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