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Medical Direct Care offers health and wellness coaching in Clarksville TN to help individuals achieve their health goals and maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle. Unlike regular doctors who only prescribe medicine, our team takes a more holistic approach to guide individuals on how they can establish a healthy lifestyle and obtain long term wellness. We walk with each individual throughout the entire process, and lead them with encouragement, research, and professional knowledge to help ensure they find success in their health journey.

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What is a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach is a professional who helps clients to set up a personalized wellness plan and offers guidance throughout their journey. A health and wellness coach helps individuals to set up healthy goals, understand medical research and doctor recommendations, while also encouraging them to fulfill their “why” throughout the process to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The most common reason why individuals fail to achieve their health and fitness goals is because they lose motivation. That’s why a wellness coach is so valuable.  They help individuals to stay focused on their goals, assist with the development of strategies to achieve their goals, and obtain enduring life-transforming success in their health and wellness journey. 

Is Medical Direct Care Right for You?

Wellness Coaching Strategies in Clarksville, TN

Medical Direct Care provides a holistic approach to wellness coaching.  Our focus is on helping our clients to achieve long-term success that they can maintain for life. We help to develop long-term goals and wellness plans that are achievable and backed by research and professional wellness coaches. These plans are also modifiable to ensure that as your life changes, your wellness plan changes to match. It’s a key way that we ensure that each client achieves long-lasting success through wellness coaching. 


Our wellness coaching strategies also focus on these areas to help you create a healthier lifestyle: 

  • Proper Nutrition & Hydration

  • Exercise

  • Mental & Emotional Health

  • Positive Lifestyle Changes 

  • P.R.E.S.S. 360 tm

Become a Better You with Medical Direct Care

Take the step to finally achieve your health and fitness goals by joining Medical Direct Care. To begin your health journey, first watch a webinar or attend a live presentation conducted by Dr. Fryer to learn more about what we do here at Medical Direct Care. Then, schedule a 15 minute free consultation with our team to discuss your specific health needs. If we determine you are a good fit for our clinic, we’ll schedule a formal consultation to create your wellness plan.  


Once your wellness plan is created, we’ll continue to discuss what it takes to reach your goals. To help you with this, you’ll be assigned a team leader to encourage and guide you through each step. Throughout the process, your team leader will continue to reach out and help you throughout the program. 

Meeting with Team Leaders

Meeting with your team leaders is an important way of discussing progress made on the various health goals. In these meetings you’ll discuss nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional health, and lifestyle change commitments to encourage you to continue developing a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

A Health & Wellness Coach is Utilized When...

  • An individual is diagnosed with a medical condition that requires a lifestyle change (diabetes, cancer)
  • An individual is struggling to manage their stress and anxiety
  • An individual has a personal lifestyle change goal, such as weight loss, building stamina/endurance, quitting smoking, etc. 
  • An individual needs assistance  with developing and maintain their personalized health and wellness program
  • An individual wants to become empowered and proactive about their health choices. 


Medical Direct Care focuses on educating, encouraging, and empowering people to feel better, have more energy, and live their dreams. If you’ve struggled with any of these health concerns, our wellness plans can help you to implement and maintain healthy lifestyle changes so that you can live a happier and stronger life using natural methods.

wellness coaching
dr. gregory fryer

Dr. Gregory Fryer & Erien W. Fryer (Wellness Coach)

Dr. Gregory Fryer is the lead doctor at Medical Direct Care, with over 24 years of experience in the practice of medicine. He had dreamed of having a medical practice since childhood, and now has the honor of leading the team at Medical Direct Care. Using his years of experience and research, Dr. Fryer counsels individuals on the best action to take for their specific wellness needs. Erien Fryer, a wellness coach, then helps the client put into practice what Dr. Fryer has recommended resulting in an enduring lifestyle transformation.

Root Cause Analysis & Integrated Functional Medicine

Wellness coaching and the wellness plans offered by Medical Direct Care are all based on Integrated Functional Medicine. In this type of medical practice, we focus on the root cause of the health problem and not merely ways to make the symptoms go away. Through testing and research, we work to understand the root cause for each symptom and develop a wellness plan to reverse the medical problem. Not only does this help each individual to feel stronger, healthier, and happier, but it also provides more long-lasting benefits than typical medical practices. 


For example, if an individual is having painful menstrual cycle cramps, a typical doctor may prescribe specific birth control medication to make the pains go away. Medical Direct Care, however, would attempt to discover the root cause behind the menstrual cramps. Perhaps it’s due to a nutrition problem, insulin problem, or low thyroid. By determining the root cause of the issue, we can then develop a wellness plan to cure the root cause and ultimately heal the symptoms and pain. 

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Dr. Fryer and I spent time looking at my over all well being. I enjoy the visits because I can discuss my issues openly and freely and not feel judged. Dr. Fryer is excellent at providing advice along with medical expertise. Outstanding visit.


Great consultation in preventative health. Not everything requires medicine...Always Dr. Fryer's practice of medicine.

Mark K.

I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and personalized support I have received by Dr Fryer and his staff. In addition to being thorough in their efforts to assist me in achieving an improved quality of health, they all take their time when reviewing my progress. Everyone is friendly and kind, much needed in this oppressed world.

Pamela P.

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