Is Your Doctor Working For You

Or are you working for your doctor?

If your physician seems to have all the right medicines to combat “symptoms” which regularly arise, it could be your doctor is trying to fit the “square” you into his “round” hole of cures. In the 21st century, this standardizing of diagnoses and automating of prescriptions is truly old school; more importantly, the real “you” is lost in the process of quick, cookie-cutter medical solutions. This is where functional medicine comes into the picture.

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An Overview of Functional Medicine


Discover functional medicine, which will reveal medical care and treatments designed to meet your specific needs, rather than conventional medicine which attempts to categorize each client into convenient cubbyholes of diagnosis and care. Over the decades, the pharmaceutical industry, in partnership with the medical field, have elevated the use of drugs to cure symptoms, while often overlooking the core issues which may be causing those symptoms to occur. The new standard in medical treatments is to now diagnose a disease and match it to the medicine which has shown to cure that disease. Unfortunately, this is still a shotgun approach to treating humans with illnesses and diseases, with attention on the disease instead of the person.

Functional medicine takes an entirely different, client-focused approach which employs five basic principles that make this practice unique and effective for many clients. Here is a quick summary of these five essential precepts:

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While human bodies are similar in appearance, all humans are genetically and biochemically unique; natural medicine shifts the focus of care to the person, not the disease, working to support the natural healing mechanism the body produces rather than battling the illness.

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Contemporary research confirms our bodies are composed of complicated networks and webs of relationships, both internal and external; understanding these relationships provides a better view into the functioning of the body.


The human body is capable of self-regulation and is in fact constantly balancing, adjusting, and correcting inconsistencies within all of the autonomic body systems.

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The human body has an incredible ability to heal illnesses and diseases as they arise, while also preventing aging; cold medicines and other over-the-counter drugs are designed to ease the symptoms while the body does its job of curing the illness.


Rather than consider health as a neutral state (i.e., the absence of illness, disease, and discomfort), practitioners of holistic medicine see a state of great vitality to be the epitome of good health.

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Dr. Fryer is indeed the happiest doctor you may ever meet; it’s because he and his team love what they do and they love seeing their clients enjoy a healthy life. And his clients can see all that and consequently they also love how he and his team help them get off some medication, feel better, and have more energy.

Holistic Medicine Solutions


The following natural medicine services are provided at Medical Direct Care

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Even the greatest athletes need coaching, a trained eye to observe and a balanced mind to advise; with Dr. Fryer as your coach, you will receive the guidance you need along with a map of your path to healthy living

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Instead of doing what you think is right, a natural medicine plan will provide a clear outline of your plan to becoming and remaining healthy.


Physical Activity


As the body is the physical component of a human being, providing attention and care through physical activity helps to keep the body aligned with the mind and soul. One physical discipline which is easy to perform, takes little effort, and works ideally in aligning body, mind, and spirit is the ancient martial art practice of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi

In Tai Chi, there is no fighting, breaking stones, or performing twisting flips; rather, it is a defensive martial art with protective moves being practiced. Students learn a set of movements, called forms, of varying lengths of time. They are not intended to be performed quickly, but more meditatively, meaning slowly and calmly. Some refer to Tai Chi as “meditation in motion” but the Harvard Medical School calls it “medication in motion” because of health benefits gained from the unforced, slow, relaxed, circular movements of the different forms. Even folks in wheelchairs can practice a limited form of Tai Chi. Essentially, it is good and easy for everyone.

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There are multiple benefits which regular tai chi practice produces:

Just as a regular, slow drop of water can erode the hardest stone, so can a regular, gentle body movement build or rehabilitate muscles.


Having a strong body which is stiff and inflexible is counter to a healthy physical state; Tai Chi has proven to be an excellent method of maintaining and boosting upper- and lower-body flexibility.


Some studies have shown regular Tai Chi practice helps build better balance and reduces incidents of falling; combined with increased muscle strength and flexibility, it is easier to recover from a stumble and prevent a fall.


While Tai Chi is not a cardio workout, it can provide some aerobic benefits and slightly boost the heart rate; it does not, however, work as a replacement for a cardio workout program.

Here are just a few of the benefits realized from natural medicines:

Less expensive than pharmaceutical medicines.


No prescriptions required, making it easier to obtain.


It is always better to consume natural plants than chemical alternatives.


Mother Nature tends to be gentle, making side effects few, if any.


Herbal medicines assist the body’s natural healing process, rather than overriding it with a chemical bombardment.

Integrative Modalities


Healthful practices come in all forms, and at Medical Direct Care, we recommend other health resources which integrate well with alternative medicine. In particular, we have discovered regular massage sessions help clients stay in touch with their bodies; massage is also an excellent first treatment for sore muscles, back pains, headaches, and other minor ailments which can besiege us at times.

We also recommend herbal medicines to our clients, when appropriate. Proper use of herbal medicines can result in an increased lifespan and improved quality of life. There are natural herbs which have been effectively used for centuries and can still offer health advantages in combination with a good diet and exercise program.

Self Help and Medical Education


We also believe in transparency and respect the intelligence of our clients. To this end, we offer medical resources and educational information which support healthy lifestyles and the practices of holistic medicine. At Medical Direct Care, we offer information and education about:









Functional Medicine Clarksville TN

Located in Montgomery County, the county seat, Clarksville (population approx. 150,000), is the fifth-largest city in Tennessee and remains a treasured community nestled in the northern area of the state. The median household income for Clarksville is over $47,000, quite comparable to the national median household income of a little more than $53,000. With a median age of 29.5 years, Clarksville may hold a lot of history but it also attracts young couples seeking an affordable and attractive place to live and raise a family.

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McGregor Park Riverwalk

Situated on the Cumberland River

The McGregor Park Riverwalk is a magnet for both locals and enchanted visitors. Nearby, spelunkers can explore the Dunbar Cave, a vast complex with many sinkholes dating back thousands of years. The city boasts its own historic downtown district featuring its 1870’s-style architecture, art galleries, brew pubs, antique shops, boutiques, and historic attractions such as the unique Customs House Museum and the Roxy Theater. It should come as no surprise that, on top of being the 5th largest city in Tennessee, it is also the 5th fastest growing city (for populations exceeding 50,000) and the second-fastest growing metropolitan area. Overall, Clarksville fairly represents middle class America at its finest.

Meet Dr. Gregory Fryer

The “Happiest Doctor You Will Ever Meet!”

But best of all, Clarksville is one of the pioneering cities when it comes to practicing holistic medicine, thanks to Dr. Gregory Fryer, the “happiest doctor you’ll ever meet” and his wellness team. Having been in practice for close to a quarter of a century, his medical office, Medical Direct Care, has built a strong and positive reputation in Clarksville. Recently, Medical Direct Care began practicing alternative medicine and was quickly impressed and convinced of its value by results obtained through diet and other health practices outside the insurance industry. Seeing how functional medicine in Clarksville TN has been the key to so many clients’ success further convinced Dr. Fryer of its efficacy.

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What does a functional medicine doctor do?

Doctors pursue functional medicine in their post-graduate studies. Functional medicine doctors use lab testing to understand genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle components to create individualized treatment plans.


Can functional doctors write prescriptions?

Absolutely! Functional doctors are real doctors and we do write prescriptions when necessary. Just because traditional medicine is a disease-focused approach to health and functional medicine is a patient-centered approach doesn’t mean that we don’t write medications for ailments. The difference is personalized prescriptions.


Does functional medicine really work?

Yes, which is backed by mountains of research and patient results. Functional medicine focuses on the underlying causes of health problems and is a proactive healthcare approach.


What is the difference between a functional doctor and a regular doctor?

A functional medicine doctor takes a different approach than a traditional doctor. While a traditional doctor will primarily focus and treat a given condition, a functional medicine doctor will take a holistic approach to healthcare. We take into consideration the entire body when diagnosing and treating patients. 


What’s included in your functional medicine program?

Pre-Program Services:

Thorough personalized case evaluation to include research, review of labs, and a customized program design proposal

During the Program Services:

Access to an exclusive MDC Wellness Education System accessed through a wellness portal; hard copy of the manual that accompanies the online system; live classes; recordings of the live classes; Dr. Appointments (virtual and live); email support; Telephone support; private messaging; Coaching sessions by a board-certified life, health, and wellness coach

After the Program Services:

After a client completes their health and wellness program of 3 or 6 months they are given the option to further refine their personalized health and wellness plan through a VIP program that utilizes P.R.E.S.S. 360 tm,  a proprietary system specifically developed for the graduates by an inhouse certified life, health, and wellness coach. This six month program is a deep dive into applying the information received in the wellness program so that the client is equipped to create a personalized, custom-designed health and wellness system that leads to a transformed life in a systematic done-with-you process.


Services are also provided for legacy leavers who desire to upgrade their health and wellness legacy.  Many parents, grandparents, and great grandparents desire to apply their new found knowledge about health and wellness and share the information with their posterity as a priceless legacy that is better than gold.  We assist these individuals by equipping them with the training necessary to become the empowered elders that they are in the realm of health and wellness.  Our desire is to leave a legacy of multigenerational wholeness of spirit, mind, and body.


In addition to the VIP program there is ongoing support provided to the wellness graduates to foster community through education, encouragement, and empowerment opportunities.


How much is the functional medicine program investment?

The investment is determined by the need and the goals of the client.  After a thorough evaluation and an extensive 60 min interview with the potential wellness participant, the investment is determined that will yield the client’s desired results. 


Does insurance cover functional medicine in your office?

Although we accept insurance, insurance does not accept us.  Our goal as functional medicine providers is to prevent illness and to maximize health.  Insurance does not share in our perspective and only invest in the client’s health when a disease has already been established.  That being said, we utilize insurance to cover everything that it will cover as we assist in helping clients restore their health to the best possible level.


Is lab testing covered by insurance?

There are two types of labs: 1. Diagnostic and 2. Preventive labs. Diagnostic labs are usually utilized to determine the extent of an existing disease. For example a HbA1C if often used to determine or monitor blood glucose levels in the instance this test is serving a diagnostic purpose.  However, if I wanted to assess the reason why I may have a propensity for diabetes so as to prevent my pre-diabetic situation from becoming worse that same HbA1C would not be covered by insurance. I would have to pay out of pocket because I am not a diabetic yet. Therefore once we educate our clients on the value of purchasing preventive testing and acting proactively for their health and the expense of waiting for a disease to occur with additional health challenges, our clients choose to prioritize their health which is priceless.


Do you offer financing services?

Of course.  Based upon the credit score of the client we have partnered with a number of financial institutions to assist clients in prioritizing their health.  Care credit is one of these financial institutions that allows you to pay the office visits, lab testing, and nutritional supplement costs over a period of 12 months with same as cash options available.


Are HSA or FSA accounts accepted?

Both HSA and FSA accounts are accepted by our office but check with your particular plan to see if our services are covered by their plans.


Can you see patients in other cities?

Yes, as a wellness center we are able to offer our services by telemedicine in other cities, states, and countries however our only language is English.


How is lab testing performed?

Testing services have gotten very sophisticated over the years that we are able to mail test kits to our clients and they have all of the materials, information, and resources to simply collect the specimen and return it to the respective labs in a postage-paid container.  Once the specimen is received by the laboratory and processed, we are notified, we in turn notify the client to establish a lab review visit, and then we conduct the lab review live or via telemedicine.

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