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When it comes to schools physicals, you want a practitioner you can trust. We have decades worth of experience at Medical Direct Care and can provide you with quick and easy school physicals.

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School Physicals at Medical Direct Care

Sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), are often required for youths looking to participate in a sport. Organizers often ask children for a health evaluation with varying regulations depending on the rules of the respective sport’s governing body, school, or state.

The results that are shown in a sports physical examination help assure everyone involved that an athlete is physically prepared to perform their chosen activity. The purpose of sports physicals is to help lower the chances of a child being injured while they play.

The Process for Physicals

Although a physical exam varies depending on the purpose and provider, most assessments include the following:

  • A medical history check is performed wherein the examiner reviews any past or existing health concerns, evaluates your lifestyle and behaviors. 
  • The examiner checks your vital signs and performs the necessary examination.


Once you have passed your physical exam, you will be given the documentation needed to show the right authorities that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to assume your role.

Get School Physicals at MDC

At Medical Care Direct, we can provide you with physical examinations you need for sports, Department of Transportation (DOT), and pre-employment. 

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