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Dr. Gregory Fryer had dreams of having a medical practice since childhood.  He’s now been in practice for over 24 years.  Medical Direct Care has stood strongly on its own for many years.

In the past few years, Medical Direct Care has started practicing functional medicine and started understanding diet and efforts outside of the insurance industry. This has been the key to so many patient’s success.

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Medical Direct Care

Dr. Gregory Fryer, M.D.

Dr. Fryer had a dream of being a medical physician since 6th grade. Health was a sense of calling and he enjoyed helping people more than anything else.

Dr. Fryer completed Family Medicine residency at Martin Army Community Hospital in Georgia after completing internship at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii.  He was a staff Family Medicine physician for over 18 years before building his own practice.

Around 2015, his wife and co-worker, Erien Fryer, came across functional medicine. Together they did training in the Institute for Functional Medicine. They found the training invigorating and refreshing.

In order to determine the root causes of dysfunctions, Medical Direct Care started practicing functional medicine. As a result they integrate diet and efforts outside of the insurance industry.

This is now the bedrock of what Medical Direct Care practices today to take people from sick and hopeless to well and hopeful.

Meet Our Team

We take pride in our staff and assure you they will give you an incredible experience. Please take a look through their bios below. Simply click on their photo to read more about them.

Erien Fryer

Office Manager and Wellness Coach

Erien W. Fryer CCLC, CFMHC, MDiv., MSW, BS is a teacher, presenter, certified life, health and wellness coach/ office manager who serves individuals who are committed to their health and wellness and are ready to uncover root causes of their illness, recover stolen energy lost to their disease, and live their best life ever. Erien loves studying the Bible, reading, writing, learning about Traditional Chines Medicine and watching health related summits/webinars, spending time with her husband and son, playing the violin, working out, walking in nature, and practicing Tai Chi/Qi Gong.

Juditha Miceli

Team Member

Hi everyone, my name is Juditha Miceli. I am from Panama City, Panama. I spent most of my life in Fairbanks, Alaska which is where I went to college, and eventually met my husband. We have a daughter, Natalia. One of my goals is to continue my education in the medical field to serve you with excellence while pursuing my nursing degree.

Rozeli S.

Certified MA

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, my high school sweetheart and I got married, left Sunny South Florida and relocated to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Even as young children, we knew we wanted to dedicate our lives to serving others- my husband with his military career, and me with my medical career. Medicine has always called to me because it is a rewarding yet evolving field.

What I enjoy the most about our practice is the care that we all ensure to provide for our clients by focusing on the cause of issues and by treating the body as a whole.

Chelsea Calvert

Certified Clinical MA

Hello and good evening! My name is Chelsea Calvert. Created and originated in Denver, Colorado and then imported to Nashville, Tennessee in March of 2018. I moved to Clarksville about 9 months later. I graduated from Everest College on the Presidents list in Aurora, Co where I obtained my diploma in Medical Assisting in 2010. I then became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in 2017. I have a daughter, Anita Mariee, who is the reason why I push so hard to achieve my dreams! One of my goals is to become the Queen of venipunctures and blood draws, so I’ll see ya’ll in the lab chair!

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